Kinedyne Incorporated modular expansion joints and systems are subdivided in several secondary gaps by steel members called edge rails and center beams.

Each rail and beam incorporates a locking cavity to mechanically secure the seal into place. The sealing elements, when gripped between the rails and beams, will provide a water tight system that adjusts to the varying gaps with the aid of a control spring.

Each beam is fully supported by its own cross bar (support bar) which is attached by welding and clad with highly polished stainless steel. Each cross bar is further supported by special bearings which are held in permanent contact with the cross bars with pressure exerted by pre-compressed springs elements.

These components are accommodated in steel support bar boxes spaced along the joint, at intervals, and cast into the superstructure by means of anchor studs and support angles.

Each standard gland has the capability of providing 3” of movement with specialty glands available that are capable of providing up to 4” each.

All Kinedyne expansion joints are designed to meet AASHTO specifications and loadings. Contact us to get started.

Bridge Expansion Joint Installation

A Wide Variety of Capabilities

Kinedyne Incorporated manufactures a wide variety of expansion joints for highway bridges including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Modular Expansion Joints (Multiple Cell)

  • Strip Seal Expansion Joints

  • Finger Joints

  • Armored Joints

Expansion Joint

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